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Why fix the world?








In September of 2012, Naima Feagin started a blog under the pen name “HopeGirl.” The first post, “While you were asleep, the story of the 2012 Revolution” highlighted the many different facets of hidden corruption in the current global economy. The blog went viral and received 15,000 reads in the first 4 days and brought with it a network of high level contacts. In the next viral post, HopeGirl sent out the call to millions of readers through reblogging efforts and social media,asking for the average person to submit their ideas for solutions to some of the worlds biggest problems. This resulted in close to 300 submissions from 37 countries that were compiled by 20 volunteers into a summary book titled “How to Fix the World.” It is essentially a buffet of solutions to every problem facing our world today.

The success of this research project created an extensive global network of likeminded individuals, all working towards a common goal: the desire to implement alternative solutions to help the people in their communities on a grassroots level. In a world where many suffer from a collapsing economy and feel that their governments have failed them, “solutionaries” with brilliant ideas started “coming out of the woodwork” and found their way to FTW. What resulted was a magnificent collage of new discoveries and resources for alternative solutions to energy, health, community, food supply, environmental cleanup, education and much more.

Fix the World (FTW) is a philanthropic organization with special access to an array of amazing projects, including new energy technology, flying cars, alternative cures for disease, ways to restore the local economy, and answers to food security and clean water. One of our goals is to use any profits from large revenue generating projects to fund other projects like alternative education, emotional healing, Eco villages and organic gardens that create happy healthy people and restore communities.

​ These projects that could literally change our world for the better are about 90% ready for market. Many have been in development and testing for years with working prototypes and proven results. The missing 10% is a lack of the business presentation necessary to “make the sale” for investors in a way that all parties feel comfortable with. We speak to many inventors and well intentioned supporting investors, and we see the same pattern. Our organization provides this essential service to these project managers to provide this missing link and bring these projects to the world.